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The Well Bebe Bundle

Let me help you navigate the most challenging parts of parenthood!

Discover how I currently help moms easily put their babies down to sleep (in 11 Minutes) and ensure they’re optimally nourished!

This overall child wellness program promotes a routine for better sleep, nutrition, and education.
But is this right for you? Depends, do you want:

Then this on-demand program is for you. Human beings crave routine and the well Bebe Method ensures families of all lifestyles can create and maintain a routine that promotes wellness.

Take Aways:

More Rest

Get better sleep for you and baby.

Better Nutrition

Ensure full bellies and optimal nutrition.

Reclaimed Time

Support baby with schedulers and routine.

How Does The Well Bebe Method Work?

The Well Bebe Method is a self-guided childcare method that helps parents foster a routine that promotes wellness. From eclasses to workbooks, the Well Bebe Method walks parents and caregivers through every step of the process.


Preparing Yourself
(and your Baby )

We start our method with tha basics: What you need to get started. The right products, plans, and spaces make all the difference when it comes to creating a rhythm and routine for you and your child. The Get Started Guide will walk you through everything you need to master the method.



Our training videos help parents create sleep and wake spaces, organize the family’s nutritional needs, and much more. Our building block method helps parents commit, while building towards the goal of creating a master rhythm and routine planner.


Creating Your Rhythm
and Routine Planner

By step 3, the future is here ! The last step is to create your rhythm and routine planner . This master planner will help you stay on track , inform your caretakers, and empower you and your spouse to take back your quality time.


What's Inside of the Well Bebe Method ?


See How Other Parents Are Using
The Well Bebe Method

Whether you’re looking for a better day-to-day routine, have a fussy sleeper,
or want to make sure your child has the optimal nutrition: The Well Bebe Method with help.

This course is more than I could have imagined! I've bought so many books, programs, etc and nothing comes close to Elle’s methods and experience.

I always second guessed my decisions and felt somehow inadequate, But I noticed my baby girl matured from a needy newborn into a seemingly well-adjusted infant and then a typical toddler. I realized I was doing just fine, everyone has their own opinions and parenting style, but it wasn’t until I went through this program that I realized you can have a routine for your newborn baby. All parents should take this course as it was very was helpful for me.

This course is more than I could have imagined! I've bought so many books, programs, etc and nothing comes close to Elle’s methods and experience.

A real expert in the world of parenting and pregnancies. She’s helped many of my friends and family members in their first awakening of bringing a child into their worlds. This program is a great gift for baby showers! Very informative and affordable! It walks us through the most challenging times with a newborn and us as a parent. I was able to get my baby to sleep so efficiently. This is a really good course for a new parents to share. An essential for ALL new moms.

I must say that I definitely love this program. This is by far the best guide to taking care of your healthy baby.

I have to say that after going through the program I have to get it for my sister since she just had my niece 4 months ago. She would love this as much as I did. I recommend getting The Well Bebe Method Plus to every mother whom is looking for the most help with sleep with their newborn, because this is absolutely fantastic. Highly recommend

What if my child needs more help sleeping ?

Most children Will see improvement in their sleep times, but some finicky sleepers will require a nudge in the right direction. If your child is 5+ months old and struggles with sleep, we encourage you to add our sleep training course on to your e-training .
This $[ADD ON PRICE] course will help you :

The Well Bebe Method includes:

Long story short? The Well Bebe Method
means better days, longer nights, and healthier children.

If you’re ready to stop wondering and start living, this program is for you. The Well Bebe Method supports parents through every phase of having a baby: From the first few months all the way up to the toddler years.

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Hey I'm Elle:

Your Guide to Rythym, Routine, and
Holistic Health for Baby

As a mother of two, Elle has put her degree in Biology to use to create the Well Bebe methodology, including nutrition, pediatrics, and care giving. Her work has helped countless families across Canada and the US, inspiring her to make the popular method available online though e-training.

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