A step-by-step parenting Method

TO thrive not just survive Year One Guaranteed


Take the guesswork out of parenting and know that your baby is always content.

Congratulations to the proven method

Focusing on complete wellness for the baby and family

Easy-to-follow steps for baby




to experience improvement in just a few days! 

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It's not another basic baby training program...

Well babe is what?

Well Bebe is a step-by-step robust online learning platform with content covering everything you need to care for your baby in year one. There’s no fluff or perfection – who has time for that? Every family is different and has unique needs, which is why The Well Bebe method is fully customizable. 

The Well Bebe Method is much more than just an on-demand baby learning platform. It’s the content moms have been seeking at an accessible price! It’s a lifestyle change that empowers parents to build optimal routines. Get ready for an entire community with supportive mamas just like you! With the Well Bebe Method, you can finally enjoy the new Mama and baby time that you deserve.

The well care method

You can finally enjoy the new mama and baby that you deserve


Well Bebe was created by a Mama of two, that is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and a Baby Sleep Consultant.

Being a new mom was hard for me.

I struggled to find a consistent sleeping and feeding schedule when my son was born. I was constantly reacting, trying everything to keep my son happy.

I had difficulty breastfeeding him and did not know the best methods to soothe his colic. I know that helpless feeling all too well.

My mission

was to create a proven formula that helped parents thrive in year one.  My background in nutrition and biology was the beginning of the journey to create a scientific-based method that combines nutrition and the latest in baby sleep. 

After extensive education, practice, testing, and expert research.

I started to experience success with my son!

 We finally had peace. Over time, I started sharing what I had learned with other moms, only to discover that my experience was not unique! So many moms were struggling through year one without knowing or even trusting where to start. 

I knew more mamas needed this information.

Baby Sleeping on His Mother


The Well Bebe Method supports active mamas to raise content babies while balancing parenting, working, and running a home!


I am struggling to maintain any routine.

I wasted time on other parenting methods that did not work.

I am exhausted and don’t know how to consistently get my baby to sleep.

I neglect my own wellness to ensure my baby is happy. 

I don’t feel organized when giving instructions to my caregiver

I have no idea if my baby is getting all the right nutrients

I need to get back to running my business

I don’t have confidence in feeding my baby


If any of the struggles sound familiar, don’t worry...

you’re not alone

The Well Bebe Method supports active mamas to raise content babies while balancing parenting, working, and running a home!

Mom holding baby



See who Well Bebe has helped!

"I definitely think this course was the right one for me at the perfect time. The guides and workbooks are full of tips regarding getting through that first year with your baby and eliminating those sleepless nights with a crying baby. As the mother of a 3-month-old baby boy ,

I am always searching for good advice and help, like this one that has been really helpful in getting through this transition for me being a 1st-time parent. This course is amazing and will definitely boost your confidence as a mother!"


"This is such a "real" program. I love that Elena focuses on the all holistic aspects of having a baby, and well, not just on the baby. Having a baby is hard on us women, but it's also emotionally stressful for a relationship with your spouse or even a sibling. Elena talks about the family unit as a whole and it's appreciated!

There are so many topics discussed in this program, and it's all incredibly relevant to a new mom. I loved going through the videos and filling out all the worksheets. There's a wealth of information that's great for a new mom, and even seasoned moms who've forgotten what to do with a newborn! Overall, an amazing program!"


Just finished taking the course and let me tell you, this program is packed with useful information about the first months of a baby's life. Elle goes over the methods you can implement in all areas of the baby's life and they work! She writes about the challenges that your baby may experience and how to overcome many of them.

I was able to introduce solids with confidence and cannot wait for her next program! Overall, this is a great program and I will definitely be giving this to my sister-in-law who is having a baby soon."


The most significant risk is doing nothing.

Without any consistency in feeding and sleeping, your baby may develop lifelong poor habits.

Do something that works for your family!



Stop sacrificing anything and gain everything in a matter of days, guaranteed!

If your baby is not content, you will experience – constant feeding issues, not sleeping through the night, and restlessness. Neglecting these types of problems early on can take years to correct! Not to mention the unnecessary stress on the baby and the entire family unit. 

The good news is that you can take control before it’s too late by following a proven scientific program that focuses on the WHOLE baby.

The Well Bebe Method

helps parents raise content babies who are satisfied in all areas of their well-being for year one and beyond.


Newfound Parenting Confidence

Be A Much Happier Mom - Happy Mom, Happy Baby!

Restore Your Energy To Get Work Done!

Consistent Quality Sleep For Baby And Mamma

Baby gets the right amount of nutrition

Reduce Stress For The Entire Family

Ease Your Mind from Unnecessary Stress

Year one substantially impacts their future behavior and everyone’s happiness. Turn that stress into confidence and know your baby is getting the right nutrition and sleep they need to flourish.

Parenting peace of mind

We will do anything for our babies…

Parenting is challenging,

and there’s no perfect way to do it!

But there is proven science in sleeping and nutrition patterns that support healthy routine building.

If you are like most new parents, you’ve tried other methods or taken advice that didn’t work for your unique life demands. No matter where you are starting, the Well Bebe Method meets you and guides you through routine-building steps that you can easily tailor for a modern millennial family.

Routines create structure...AKA Peace of Mind.

When you remove the guessing, you remove the stress. You WILL KNOW that your baby is content. With the Well Bebe Method, you can finally enjoy the new mama and baby time you deserve without ANY guilt.

Not Sure If Well Bebe Is Right For You And Your Baby?

Well Bebe Method is for any new mama or parent

that needs immediate solutions to improve sleeping and nutrition. You can customize any training to your lifestyle. If you know what you are doing is not enough, Well Bebe covers everything you need to level up your mama game and

thrive as a new parent!



You will experience a positive change in your daily rhythm in just a few days! You and your family will see improved sleeping and feeding times if you follow the fool-proof Well Bebe Program steps. 

We support new mamas that are brave enough to take control of their situation. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase after giving your best effort to follow the proven strategies. If you purchase today, you will get a money-back 30-day refund guarantee.

Take control of your new mama life today

with the help of the Well Bebe Method. Get access to expert wellness advice, planners, and game-changing resources to use immediately. 

Want to see if Well Bebe is right for you?


Get the answers to your top parenting questions before it’s too late!

 The Well Bebe Method offers everything you need to know about establishing an optimal routine using scientifically-backed sleep and nutrition methods. You will build a routine that anyone can follow!

8 On-Demand Videos with Comprehensive Modules


Baby Prep

Wake vs. Sleep Space

Best Feeding Practices for Happy, Healthy Baby

The Ideal Sleep Routine


How to Use Well Bebe Day Planners

Recap to stay Organized


Create a no-surprise schedule using fool-proof resources and training.

You will learn!

Steps To Prepare A Safe And Secure Environment

How To Optimize Your Nursery To Support Healthy Routines

Steps To Lay The Groundwork For Sleep Training

Breast And Formula Feeding Techniques

Nutritional Needs By Baby Age For Up To 24 Months

Essential Nutritional Supplements For The Whole Family

The Right Amount Of Texture For Your Puree

What To Do If Your Baby Is Not Eating

What To Do If Your Baby Is Not Eating

What Activities Support Growth And Development

And so much more!

Looking for an extensive exclusive sleep training program?


The Well Bebe Method Plus is for mamas seeking in-depth sleep training. The PLUS learning platform is ideal for 5+ month babies struggling with consistent sleep. Unlike the Well Bebe Method, the PLUS is on-demand training focusing exclusively on sleep training techniques. The Well Bebe and Well Bebe PLUS can be used simultaneously.

8 Additional On-Demand Videos Focused on Sleep Training

Bebe ZZZ’s

Prepare for Sleep Training

Nip the Night Feeds

Day 1 to 3

Day 4 to 6

Day 7 to 9

Day 10 and on…You’ve Got This!

Bebe Nap Wins



You baby isn’t sleeping through the night

You are struggling to build a routine around their unpredictable sleep

You believe in sleep training but don’t know where to start

If you are nodding your head, then YES

Well Bebe PLUS is the next step!

Well Bebe PLUS

is a proven method that teaches your baby to sleep independently for longer periods of time.

Imagine how you would feel if you went from 6 hours of broken sleep to a blissful 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Your baby will absolutely thrive in those conditions!  You will get step-by-step resources to optimize sleep from 5 months and beyond. 

you will learn

14 day step-by-step sleep training method - (3 Days to success is common!)

How to get your baby to sleep in their crib without mama!

Tips on getting your baby to sleep through the night, uninterrupted!

Gently wean night feedings for your baby (only after 5 months of age)

Learn parenting coping techniques to overcome hard days

What does a 12-hour night sleep do for you?

Mom holding baby



Purchase today for only $750 $197

You will get immediate access

Baby having a pacifier in his mouth

8 HD, On-Demand Training Videos:

Robust modules covering everything on Baby Wellness in year one and beyond!  

Woman holding baby

3 Essential

Baby Routines, Baby Nutrition, and Baby Sleep Solutions!


​​12-Month Customizable Day Planners

Use to build your ideal day

Cute Baby Sleeping

3 Must-Have Bonuses

Proven guidebooks to make your life easier!


​​6 Month All Access Member Pass

Schedule 1:1 time with Founder Elle and access exclusive webinars.


30-Day-Money-Back Guarantee

Don’t worry, you WILL see results!



When you purchase the Well Bebe Method or the upgraded Well Bebe Method Plus - you will receive 3 FREE Bonus Guidebooks.

Baby having a pacifier in his mouth

Bonus #1

Teething Guidebook

No one will tell you that teething is easy! Learn how to navigate through the painful and difficult process. Solutions to end the crying and drooling like a Pro!

($37 Value)


Bonus #2

A New Mother’s Sleep Survival Guidebook

Your baby is feeding and sleeping on demand for the first few months. Use the Sleep Survival Guide for quality sleep and immediate re-energizing needs. Your wellness is critical to the success of the program!

($97 Value)


Bonus #3

New Baby Gear Guidebook

Save time and energy by not trying to think of everything you need! Access a comprehensive baby gear guidebook to set you up for shopping success. You will see our top recommendations!

($47 Value)

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Mother of two, a Holistic Nutritionist, and Sleep Consultant.

Elle is passionate about helping moms discover parenting confidence. After her new mama struggles to balance being a new mama, wife, and business owner,  she created a program centered around the family using a flexible routine and complete wellness, including nutrition. Her biology, nutrition, sleep and family wellness background were instrumental in creating the Well Bebe parenting method. Her work helps families and new moms every day.

Hey, I’m Elle

Mother of two, a Holistic Nutritionist, and Sleep Consultant

Elle is passionate about helping moms discover parenting confidence. After her new mama struggles to balance being a new mama, wife, and business owner,  she created a program centered around the family using a flexible routine and complete wellness, including nutrition. Her biology, nutrition, sleep and family wellness background were instrumental in creating the Well Bebe parenting method. Her work helps families and new moms every day.



Q: What makes the Well Bebe Method Unique? 

A: The Well Bebe Method is a holistic program designed to help mamas, caregivers, and families manage their own lives and create balance in the family dynamic. The methodology is for complete wellness, not just sleep training.

Q: How much time will the Well Bebe Method Training Take?

A:  The Training Videos are on-demand and easily accessible. For guaranteed results, follow along with the booklets for the full experience. I understand mamas don’t have extra time. The Well Bebe Method can be completed over a few hours and reviewed whenever! The easy-to-follow training is jam-packed with actionable steps and no fluff that wastes your time. 

Q: Is the cost worth the content? 

A:  Absolutely! The Average cost of an in-depth nutrition course alone is $150, the average price of a newborn course is $100, a baby sleep course is $80 and Baby Schedulers are $100 on average. Fully backed by science, The Well Bebe Method gives you so much more! The program cuts to the point with practical tips and is the holistic approach the modern millennial moms seek. You will not find the content organized in this way anywhere else!

Q: I am not convinced “sleep training” is right for my baby. Is there crying involved?

A: The Well Bebe Method is not sleep training. It’s a proven step-by-step program that focuses on complete wellness; part of that includes a scientific approach to sleep. The Well Bebe Method is the no cry approach. Many mamas find that their baby sleeps through the night after just a few days following the base program, with no need for sleep training. The Well Bebe PLUS is the upgraded training that teaches independent sleep, not the traditional cry-it-out method. The PLUS program still involves crying.

Q: Can my Caregiver use the Well Bebe Method?

A: The Well Bebe Method is for all mamas, the entire family, and caregivers. This valuable parenting tool covers everything the “care team” needs to build an optimal routine and is also loaded with useful strategies to keep mama and the entire family on Track.

Q: Who is the Well Bebe Method for? 

A: Well Bebe Method is for any new mama or parent that needs immediate solutions to improve sleeping and nutrition.  Even if your newborn is in 0 – 3 months, Well Bebe helps you prepare for routine building practices, and you will learn valuable nutrition information that you will not find in any other baby training course.

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