The Well Bebe Bundle

The Only Course That Teaches You Everything you need to know about Baby Sleep & Nutrition Together!

An On-Demand Online Video Program and E-Book Collection To Help You Navigate the First Year with Baby… and Love it!

This is Not Just Another Baby Sleep Program!

This is a complete How-To Manual on The First Year of Life...
...while ALSO covering sleep training... And Much Much more!

This easy-to-follow, step-by-step program is now available as a bundle for fraction of the cost…

The Well Bebe Method + The Well Bebe Method Plus

Here's What You Get Inside, The Well Bebe Method:

You’ll get easy-to-consume content-rich material that has absolutely everything a new or seasoned mama needs.

The work is divided up into 8 videos and comprehensive 8 Modules:

What You'll Learn:

Most babies will see a big improvement in their sleep from the initial course, but some more challenging sleepers will require a nudge in the right direction. If your child is 5+ months old and struggles with sleep, we encourage you to explore our sleep training course… 

In the Well Bebe Method Plus You Will Also Get...

8 Additional Videos Focused Specifically on Sleep Training:

What You'll Learn:

What's Included in the Well Bebe Method Bundle?

Give it to me baby.....

How Does The Well Bebe Method Work?

From e-classes to workbooks, the Well Bebe Method walks parents and caregivers through every step of the process in achieving a fuss-free, healthy baby who sleeps well and has a fully nourished belly.


Preparing Yourself (and your Baby)

We start our method with the basics: What you need to get started. The right products, plans, and environments make all the difference when it comes to creating a rhythm and routine for you and your child. The Well Bebe Method Guidebook will walk you through everything you need to master the method.


Learning Your Rhythm

Our training videos help parents understand the science behind why babies react the way that they do, insights into their circadian rhythms and nutritional needs. These elements combined with our building block method helps parents master the challenges of parenthood.


Creating Your Unique Sleep
Routine Planner

By step 3, the future is here! After completing all videos and exercises the last step is to complete your baby day planners.
These will help you stay on track while keeping any caretakers informed, and empower you and your spouse to take back your quality time.

3 Special Bonuses Included For a Limited Time:

This program is packed with content-rich information that will be eye-opening and practical for any mama wanting to learn the latest and up-to-date techniques. I’m also going to include THREE special bonuses to reward you for taking action right now!

Bonus #01

Teething Guidebook

Bonus #02

Mama's Sleep Guidebook

Bonus #03

New Baby Gear Guidebook


Well Bebe Mama's:

See How Other Parents Are Using The Well Bebe Method

Just listen to what other new (and seasoned) Mamas had to say about the Well Bebe Method:

The Well Bebe Method means better days, longer nights, and healthier babies.

This really is the ultimate tutorial for learning everything you need to know about baby sleep and nourishing your baby in the most efficient time possible …you’ll learn valuable time-saving tips and techniques that I’ve developed over the years that will make your parenting SO much easier.

I guarantee it with my Money Back Guarantee…


Click here to read more on our guarantee.
And if you decide to opt for a refund I still want you to keep the 3 bonuses as my free gift to you.

Compare to Other Courses:

Overall value price $750

Well Bebe Method Bundle $197

Hey I'm Elle:

Your Guide to Nutrition, Sleep, and Holistic Health for Baby

As a mother of two, Elle has put her degree in Biology to use to create the Well Bebe methodology, including nutrition, pediatrics, and care giving. Her work has helped countless families across Canada and the US, inspiring her to make the popular method available online though e-training.


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