How to Teach Baby to Replace Their Own Pacifier at Night

If you’ve ever heard of “The Pacifier Game” or “The Binky Game,” you may be wondering how to teach your baby to replace his or her pacifier at night. If this is something that you’re working on with your baby, you may have some general questions about the process and what are the best practices. 

Pacifiers act as a security blanket for many babies and can help them feel safe and comforted. The problem is, when they inevitably fall out during the night, it can be tough for parents to get up multiple times to replace it. The pacifier game helps babies learn how to put the pacifier back in their mouths so that they can self-soothe and get back to sleep on their own.

The great thing about this skill is that it can be worked on when your baby is 5-6 months or older. And, it’s a fun activity that you can do together!

So, if you want to learn more about how to teach your baby to replace their own pacifier at night, read on for some tips.

Tip 1: Find a comfortable place in your home where you can sit or lie down with your baby.

Being comfortable is key for both of you! You’ll likely want to sit on the floor with a blanket or play mat to cushion you. Your baby should be able to sit up with support, or lie on the back or tummy.

Tip 2: Place 4 – 5 pacifiers all around your baby.

The reason for this is to give your baby plenty of opportunities to practice picking up the pacifier and putting it back in their mouth. Playing the game with one pacifier could be more difficult and frustrating for your little one.

Tip 3: Encourage your baby to pick up a pacifier and bring it to their mouth.

Use gentle prompting and verbal cues to help them along. You can say things like, “Can you get the binky?” or “Good job! Now put it back in your mouth.”

If your baby is having trouble picking up the pacifier, you can place your hand over theirs to help guide them. Don’t forget to praise your little one when they succeed in picking up the pacifier and bringing it to their mouth.

Tip 4: Repeat, repeat, repeat!

The more times your baby practices this skill, the better. So, don’t be afraid to play the game multiple times a day.

Eventually, with enough practice, your baby will get better and better at replacing their own pacifier at night. And, you’ll be able to sleep soundly knowing that they have the skills to self-soothe and get back to sleep on their own.

Other Helpful Tips When Playing The Pacifier Game

In addition to the tips above, here are a few other things to keep in mind when playing the pacifier game:

  • Make sure the pacifiers you use are clean: The last thing you want is for your baby to put a dirty binky back in their mouth!
  • Take breaks based on baby’s cues: If your baby gets frustrated or upset, take a break and try again later. The whole point of the game is to be fun, so there’s no need to force it.
  • Get older siblings involved: If you have older kids at home, they can join in on the fun! Just be sure to supervise and help out as needed.

Your Baby Sleep Questions Answered

Teaching your baby to replace the pacifier at night is an effective way to help them self-soothe and get back to sleep on their own. Self soothing is an important skill for babies to learn when sleep training, and this game is a great way to help them practice.

Soon this game will help your baby replace the pacifier on his or her own. Placing multiple pacifiers in the crib can help reinforce this skill and make it easier for your baby to find the pacifier and put it back in his or her mouth.

Do you have questions about this or any other baby sleep training methods? As a Certified Baby Sleep Specialist, I’ve helped many parents just like you get their babies sleeping through the night.

If you’re looking for guidance on  sleep training your baby, I encourage you to discover The Well Bebe Method Plus, my exclusive baby sleep training course for new parents. The course teaches you how to create a successful routine for baby, including how to begin sleep training and go through proper techniques – like the pacifier game – to help lay a healthy sleep foundation for your little one. Of course, if you don’t believe in sleep training, you will still find my Well Bebe Method program helpful where sleep essentials for babies are included.

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