Transform Your Baby's Sleep And Nutrition with this Proven Mama-led Method Rooted in Science and Love.

You deserve the tools and resources to help you feel like the confident parent you are. Well Bebe Method is here to help.

The Well Bebe Method bundle is…

An age-appropriate solution that fosters 11-12 hours of uninterrupted night-time sleep. Plus consistent, quality daytime naps.

A long-term step-by-step approach that will “hold your hand” through regressions and hiccups along the way.

Well Bebe Day Planners for all sleep, feeding, and development needs.

Safe nutritional practices that include breastfeeding, formula feeding, and starting solids depending on your personal values and comfort level.

You will save time, money and have a piece of mind by having science-backed guidebooks that are fully customizable to your unique busy schedule.

Hear from our Well bebe Momma's mouth

Not sure what's best for your baby?

Introducing Well Bebe Method

Crafted with love and dedication, this adaptable, transformative approach was developed through years of collaboration with a variety of different baby experts.

Well Bebe Method offers you quick, yet comprehensive, access to essential knowledge on baby sleep and nutrition.

It doesn’t end there though. The Well Bebe Method isn’t just for you – it’s also an invaluable resource for anyone else who cares for your baby, like a nanny or grandparents.

Share the lessons with them, and you’ll rest easy knowing that your precious little bub is receiving the care you’d appreciate. Even when you’re occupied at work or away on business.

Yeah, also it’s mobile and user-friendly so you can set it up everywhere!

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Why Other Parents Love

The Well Bebe Method

Explore 8 HD Video Modules Thoughtfully Divided Into Easy-To-Digest Segments

The Program consists of videos that take only a few minutes to watch and are design to help bring peace to your busy life.

Module #1

Get to Know Well Bebe Method

How to make the best out of the Well Bebe Method and assure you tackle your sleep and nutrition challenges.

Module #2

Get Prepared

Physical and mental “must-haves” for you to stay as consistent as possible.

Module #3

Wake vs Sleep Space

Master the art of tracking your little one’s wake and sleep spaces for optimal rest.

Module #4

Nutrition and Feedings

Explore diverse, trustworthy nutritional practices that align with your personal values and provide optimal nutrients.

Module #5

Sleep Routines

Discover age-appropriate nap secrets that guarantee your baby and family gets the rest they need.

Module #6

Activities For A Healthy Baby

Make indoor and outdoor adventures with your little one a fun exercise that supports proper growth and development.

Module #7

12 Month-by-month Well Bebe Planners

Stick to your routines consistently with the power of Well Bebe Planners.

Module #8

Final Thoughts

If you are still facing challenges there is always my support you can count on. We can hop on a 1-on-1 call and fight off problems together

FREE Little Sneak Peek

2 Simple Options To Choose From




Now Only!


8 On-Demand Videos with Comprehensive Modules

3 Essential Guides

12 Month-by-month Customizable Day Planners: Use to build your ideal day

3 Must-Have Bonuses: Proven guidebooks to make your life easier!

12 Month All Access Member Pass and access to exclusive Webinars

30-Day-Money-Back Guarantee - Don’t worry, you WILL see results!



Now Only!


8 Additional On-Demand Videos Focused on Responsive Sleep Training

8 On-Demand Videos with Comprehensive Modules

Additional Guidebook

3 Essential Guides

12 Month-by-month Customizable Day Planners: Use to build your ideal day

3 Must-Have Bonuses: Proven guidebooks to make your life easier!

3 Months of FREE access to Othership Breathwork App

12 Month All Access Member Pass and access to exclusive Webinars

30-Day-Money-Back Guarantee - Don’t worry, you WILL see results!

Reasonable Email Support Through Your Journey!


For $39 Add-On

You Receive 9 Extra Modules About Gentle Sleep Training

Day-by-Day Safe and Gentle Sleep Training

Conquering Naps

Weaning and Nipping The Night Feeds

Navigating Through Sleep Regressions

Your First 10 Days and Beyond With Sleep Training

Mental Health Boosters and Activities for New Parents

Let's Make Sure Well Bebe Method is right for you

If your baby is anywhere between 0-1.5 years.

Maybe you are wondering If you can really do this…

After all, you know it works because moms like and and hundreds more prove that.

Yet will it work for you?

The method was actually created for parents like you in mind – parents who tried the old outdated ways only to be let down time and time again.
In as little as 3 days, all of a sudden, you’ll start noticing massive changes!
Listen, I understand. This isn’t the most inexpensive option, but quality often comes at a price, and I truly believe in the value and transformations my offering brings.

When creating the Well Bebe Method, I faced two choices. The first was to develop a solution aimed at pleasing as many parents as possible, providing the bare minimum for success to keep costs low and the investment easy for you.

The second option was to prioritize value over price. I wanted to ensure your success was inevitable by providing so much value that harmonious routines, personal growth, and flourishing relationships were virtually guaranteed.

This focus allows me to design a truly unique solution that you won’t find anywhere else.

My offer is for committed parents who are ready to invest in their well-being and won’t let a price tag stand in the way of transforming their parenthood. Yes, it may cost more than cookie-cutter programs, but in return, I can offer you so much more—and isn’t that what truly matters?
You will have 12 months on-demand access so you can come back to any of the modules If needed.
Heck yes! You’ll receive countless resources you can post around the house. They will make sure you navigate through your baby’s milestones confidently. From sleeping and feeding planners to teething booklets and everything in between.
In addition to all the incredible resources in the regular method, the Well Bebe Plus guarantees solving your baby’s sleeping woes in just a matter of days. It consists of 9 extra modules that are fully focused on gentle and adaptable sleep training.
Absolutely yes. From sleeping and feeding to proper development this program will hold your hand through your baby’s milestones in the first 24 months without you having to buy additional courses and guides ever again.
No worries, I will personally help you. We can hop on a call and talk about any obstacle that you are facing and help to alleviate these struggles together.
Hey, I fully understand that your family is unique and should be treated as that. So no worries, the program is fully customizable and adaptable to your own family’s needs. From planners to guidebooks that provide personalized solutions you won’t have to settle for one-size-fits-all solution.
I understand that each family is unique. Well Bebe Method has already helped hundreds of different families where:

  • Both parents are working
  • Baby is colicky
  • Baby has acid reflux
  • There are also nannies or other caregivers
  • Parents already tried different solutions but nothing has worked
  • Baby refuses to take nap
  • Baby has their nights and days mixed up
  • And so much more
No worries, you can contact support at and get feedback the same day or tomorrow.

My Iron-Clad Guarantee


I refuse to take a penny from you unless I can really help you create a transformation in your family life.

That’s why the Well Bebe Method comes complete with an iron-clad 30-day guarantee so you know that I fully have your back.

It really doesn’t get more fair than that…except for this.
30 Day

Access Exclusive Bonuses

I Want To Give You Some Extra Bonuses Just For Taking Action Today When you grab the Well Bebe Method today you’ll receive all of those bonuses for FREE!

Bonus #1

Teething Guidebook

No one will tell you that teething is easy! Learn how to navigate through the painful and difficult process. Solutions to end the crying and drooling like a Pro!

($37 Value)

Bonus #2

A New Mother’s Sleep Survival Guidebook

Your baby is feeding and sleeping on demand for the first few months. Use the Sleep Survival Guide for quality sleep and immediate re-energizing needs. Your wellness is critical to the success of the program!

($37 Value)

Bonus #3

New Baby Gear Guidebook

Save time and energy by not trying to think of everything you need! Access a comprehensive baby gear guidebook to set you up for shopping success. You will see our top recommendations!

($37 Value)

Hi, I Am Elle

Mamma of two, Holistic Nutritionist, Entrepreneur, and Sleep Consultant

After graduating from the University Western with a Bachelor of Health Sciences, my passion for children led me to become a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and Baby Sleep Consultant.

Over the course of my career, I’ve led wellness workshops in the corporate world and even cooked healthy recipes with Michelin star chefs…

But let me remind you that you and I are probably a lot alike. When my first-born Ben was put into my arms, I was broken as a new mom.

He was colicky, a horrible night-time sleeper and didn’t nap longer than 20 minutes. My night “patrols” and tug-of-war during feedings coupled with day-time business responsibilities were starting to be unbearable.

Everything started to take a toll on my mental health, and I found myself drifting into postpartum.

That was how I started... but with the processes and methods that I now share with families today, I rose out of this...

began to THRIVE and finally found joy in parenting!

The Well Bebe Method is structured in easy steps that build upon each other so you can experience results for a long period of time with a short investment of your time.

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