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3 Secrets to a Content Baby

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Sleeping Methods and Techniques That We Use in Our Premium Well Bebe Course That Ensure 11+ Hours of Sleep

Evidence-Based Nutrition Tips Centered Around Full Bellies (The Key to Better Sleep and Quality Awake Time)

Life-Changing Flexible Routines That Transform Your Baby’s Emotional Well-Being and Behavior Throughout the Day

By The End of 3 Secrets to a Content Baby Masterclass

You Will Know How To:


Stop the Constant Night Wakings That Prevent Your Little One From Getting A Full Night’s Sleep

Ditch the Cry-It-Out Method and Try a Gentler, More Natural Approach

Create a Peaceful, Sleep-Friendly Environment for Naps Your Little One Will Thrive In


Master Meal-Timing As Your Baby Grows Older (From Swaddle To First Birthday!)

Elevate Your Parenting Game with Expert-Backed Tips for Optimal Baby Nourishment

Supercharge Your Baby’s Nourishment With Full Feeds that Support Proper Development


Find Fulfillment as a New Mom by Learning How to Prioritize Your Baby and Self-Care

Be Alert to Early Signs of Developmental Needs, Avoiding Surprises, and Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Maximize Your Little One’s Ability to Thrive with the Power of a Flexible and Easy-to-Implement Schedule

This webinar is for YOU if:

You have or are expecting a new baby and want step-by-step guidance on how to set sleep routines & nutrition strategies from day one

Your little one isn’t napping well and night wakings are frequent

You want to thrive in the newborn and baby stage, and not just survive it

You want a flexible routine that allows you to enjoy self-centered activities you love

You want to establish good feeding to avoid picky eaters and build confidence in parenting decisions

Hundreds Of Moms Are Already Implementing Our Lessons Successfully and Thriving!

Thousands of already registered moms will very soon!

Can’t wait to hear about your successes too!

Hey there,

I am Elle!

As a holistic nutritionist, I am committed to helping moms achieve optimal health and well-being for their babies by taking into account their lifestyle, environment, and personal goals.

With extensive training and experience in the field of sleep consulting, I have the expertise to help families overcome even the most persistent sleep challenges and establish healthy sleep habits for themselves and their little ones.

As a mom of two, I have learned to embrace the challenges and rewards of balancing work and family life. I am grateful for the opportunity to do work I am passionate about while also being present and available for my kids.

Quickly you will realize that:

You DON'T have to go through the first few years on 2-hours of sleep

Feeding a baby is NOT complicated or confusing

Rocking your baby or feeding them to sleep is NOT the only way to get them down

Traditional cry-it-out methods DON’T have to be the answer to sound sleep

Motherhood DOESN'T have to be all-consuming and you can continue doing things that you love doing

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Exclusive and easy-to-understand freebies that explain optimal Milk Feeds and Wake Spaces for every month of your child’s first year

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My program includes a series of easy-to-follow cultivated videos, access to a library of valuable guidebooks, and a personalized 12-month plan.

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One lucky winner will gain a free virtual consultation with me, Elle, a baby sleep consultant and certified nutritionist!

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