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Covering every step to prepare a safe
environment for your baby

…And your family

Hey there Mamma!

How do you really know if you have everything you need? Your baby will spend their time eating and sleeping on demand the first few months, and then what?

Laying the groundwork to prepare for optimal feeding and sleeping routines is a must for new mamas that need a schedule with less surprises and more flexibility.

eliminate the guesswork in preparation

Avoid forgetting anything and delaying starting

You got this!

Well Bebe tells you everything millennial parents need to consider inside and outside the nursery. You can stop worrying about whether or not you are ready!

preparing a nursery your baby will love

You will too…

the top trusted

Mini Baby
Prep Course

Helps new mamas prepare the most important room – the nursery! Learn the science of crafting a functional nursery to help your baby grow! Cute and cozy is nice, but an optimized nursery with practical items will keep your baby safe and healthy!

ever thought about…

What is the optimal room temperature, wheather natural toys can boost sensory play, or if white noise is helpful

Don't worry, it's all in the Mini Baby Prep Course!

See who Baby Prep Course has Helped!

Start Nesting Today

Access practical tips and a personalized Well Bebe shopping
list to create a highly functional space.

This is for you if...

Enhancing existing nursery

Starting with a blank canvas – needing tips to get started!

Making early adjustments to prepare for optimal sleep

Preparing for developmental milestones

PLUS... There are extra resourches to help you prepare!

Learn how to swaddle the right way

Choosing the best bottle type

Discover temperature sleep clothing

Access exclusive baby shopping list

Keep everything safe in your nursery

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