Hi there!

I’m Elena,
but you can call me Elle.

I am a holistic nutritionist, sleep consultant, and proud mama of two. After majoring in biology and graduating from the University Western with a Bachelor of Health Sciences, my passion for children led me to become a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and Baby Sleep Consultant. Over the course of my career, I’ve led wellness workshops in the corporate world and worked with individuals’ families across North America. 

Despite a career centred around family wellness, once I had my first baby, I found myself struggling with the day-to-day duties of being a parent along with maintaining my business and finding time to connect with my partner. I was in desperate search for methods and strategies that would help my baby to sleep on his own.

Well, I tried, and tried and exhausted (pun intended) almost every option available. That is when I decided to develop what I now call the Well Bebe Method. After a combination of restless nights and tried and tested methods, I was able to completely transform my son’s habits and get him sleeping soundly throughout the night.

My mission was to create routines that anyone could master and everyone could enjoy. I was able to optimize a method that has worked for countless families and it will work for you too!

What is Well Bebe?

The Well Bebe method is my way of sharing the peace of mind I achieved by creating routines that benefit the overall wellness of parent and child. The program teaches parents how to foster the right environment and schedule, without sacrificing themselves or their babies’ care. The program incorporates a combination of methods to help parents improve their child’s quality of sleep, provide nutritional practices that promote a healthy diet and to empower parents and children to create and commit to routines that support overall wellness.

I am so excited to share this tried and tested system with you all!










The Meaning Behind
Well Bebe

Well Bebe came as a homage to my European roots and is largely inspired by the nutritious home cooked meals and parental style that I experienced as a child. 

I also am a true believer in the importance of wellness in parenting and having a holistic view on how we raise and parent our children. Well Bebe’s philosophy is healthy bebe, happy parent. 

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